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At Altara, we believe in games. Run by industry experts, we can help your studio cashflow the development of new products and services by providing loans against UK Video Games Tax Relief.

Loans Against Video Games Tax Relief

What is UK Video Games Tax Relief and how do I apply for it?

Tax relief for UK game developers and game development

The Video Games Tax Relief was introduced in the UK in 2014, and allows games companies to claim back 20% of their eligible expenditure. Eligible expenditure, generally speaking, is any production costs you incur with the UK or EU. To be eligible, you must be spending at least 25% of your expenditure within the UK or EU.

There are two stages to applying for Video Games Tax Relief, the entire process is free and is simple enough that developers can generally handle the application themselves. The first stage is to get an interim certificate before you start production, which confirms that the game you are planning to make will be able to claim relief. The second stage is the final certificate that allows you to claim the money. You don’t have to have finished or released your game to claim, for example you could claim yearly throughout your project.

To start your application, visit the BFI website.

Loans Against UK Games Fund

What is the UK Games Fund and how do I apply for it?

Grants for development of game prototypes

The UK Games Fund opened in 2015. It provides grants of up to £50k to developers and has £4m to spend between 2016-2020, but pays the money to developers after it has been spent.

For more details please visit their website www.ukgamesfund.com.

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